Another week without tracking

I’m beginning to think I’ll need to do something other than try to track what we are spending. It is too time consuming….

Ok… what do we eat?

Tonight was a nice tuna and noodle cassarole

Yesterday we had a really good meal, which I had again for lunch:

Chicken meatballs with coleslaw on a hotdog bun. Yum.

I also ate a bunch of watermelon on the drive to work.

I need plans for Friday. We may just get the $10 meal deal from Pizza Hut.

At this moment I’m cooking up 8 sauage patties to nuke when I get hungry. I’ll have one or two when I take them out of the non-stick frying plan that tolerates the gentle use of metal utensils

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The Crazy Schedule is OVER

Tonight was my last night of working second shift. The 5 weeks have been hard on all around. I’m looking forward to going back to cooking breakfast for my wife, and enjoying her wonderfully prepared dinners.

It is going to take about an hour to load and track our spending every week. I hope to start doing it weekly starting next Wednesday, and posting on Thursday mornings.

Almost back to daylight

I just have one more week to go before I’m on daylight shift again. My more fat, less sugar lifestyle has kept me from gaining weight during this very stressful time

Meeting about the budget this Saturday

My wife and I are meeting about the budget this Saturday. Food probably won’t be a big deal, but at least I should be able to slice that part of it out and post it here.

Using Quicken has turned into much more of a manual process since my wife’s bank doesn’t support directly downloading into it.

Another week of stalling… I got Quicken 2012

I got a download of Quicken 2012 deluxe to track this stuff better…. But finding the deal used up my tracking time for the week . I’ll be tracking spending again next week

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This week’s spending

JAN 17, 2012 GIANT-EAGLE #0004 BETHEL PARK PA Merchandise  - $35.96
JAN 17, 2012 WENDY'S #009 MCMURRAY PA Dining  - $16.37
JAN 16, 2012 TRADER JOE'S #630 QPS PITTSBURGH PA Merchandise  - $68.23
JAN 16, 2012 ARBYS #164 00001644 PITTSBURGH PA Dining  - $3.83
JAN 16, 2012 WAL-MART BETHEL PARK PA Merchandise  - $56.03
JAN 14, 2012 GIANT-EAGLE #0004 BETHEL PARK PA Merchandise  - $63.96
JAN 14, 2012 PIZZA HUT #23997 BETHEL PARK PA Dining  - $17.12
JAN 14, 2012 Carol's Confections Fudge - $7.04
JAN 13, 2012 Aldi Merchandise - $1.49
JAN 12, 2012 Aldi Merchandise - $64.41

The receipts are from Aldi (2), Sam’s, Arby’s, Giant Eagle, Wendy’s and Trader Joe’s

I’m attaching some of the receipts: receipts_2012-01-12 to 2012-01-19

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Receipts for the week

Here are my receipts for this week.

receipts_2012-01-07 to 2012-01-12

Any thoughts on the spending?

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