Meeting about the budget this Saturday

My wife and I are meeting about the budget this Saturday. Food probably won’t be a big deal, but at least I should be able to slice that part of it out and post it here.

Using Quicken has turned into much more of a manual process since my wife’s bank doesn’t support directly downloading into it.

Another week of stalling… I got Quicken 2012

I got a download of Quicken 2012 deluxe to track this stuff better…. But finding the deal used up my tracking time for the week . I’ll be tracking spending again next week

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This week’s spending

JAN 17, 2012 GIANT-EAGLE #0004 BETHEL PARK PA Merchandise  - $35.96
JAN 17, 2012 WENDY'S #009 MCMURRAY PA Dining  - $16.37
JAN 16, 2012 TRADER JOE'S #630 QPS PITTSBURGH PA Merchandise  - $68.23
JAN 16, 2012 ARBYS #164 00001644 PITTSBURGH PA Dining  - $3.83
JAN 16, 2012 WAL-MART BETHEL PARK PA Merchandise  - $56.03
JAN 14, 2012 GIANT-EAGLE #0004 BETHEL PARK PA Merchandise  - $63.96
JAN 14, 2012 PIZZA HUT #23997 BETHEL PARK PA Dining  - $17.12
JAN 14, 2012 Carol's Confections Fudge - $7.04
JAN 13, 2012 Aldi Merchandise - $1.49
JAN 12, 2012 Aldi Merchandise - $64.41

The receipts are from Aldi (2), Sam’s, Arby’s, Giant Eagle, Wendy’s and Trader Joe’s

I’m attaching some of the receipts: receipts_2012-01-12 to 2012-01-19

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Receipts for the week

Here are my receipts for this week.

receipts_2012-01-07 to 2012-01-12

Any thoughts on the spending?

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Plans for the future, scanning receipts

Here is a sample receipt file:

I got a scanner, and found some open source software, PDFTK Builder that lets me merge the separate scanned receipts… take a look and tell me what you think….

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Another disorganised week

Ok, I have no idea about our spending this week. I’m guessing it was more than any budget.

The biggest change? We got a single serve Keurig, and we cut back on going to Starbucks. The average drink at Starbucks is more than $5 for Melissa. The key thing to see is if we can brew our own coffee with an insert I just ordered.

I’ll try to do a better job next week, it is a New Year after all.

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A day late… and changes on their way

I’m late this week with the Christmas rush. I got a new scanner this week so I’m going to try to upload my receipts rather than type them in… next week

I’ve finally decided on a budget as a percentage of income. We both make about 50K, and the average American spends 15 to 20% of their budget on food (Source: Gary Foreman, a former financial planner who operates the Web site The Dollar Stretcher, suggested the typical family likely puts between 15 percent and 20 percent of overall spending toward food, including both groceries and restaurant meals.

I’ll get to more numbers next week

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Spending for the week 12/5 to 12/11

Project Food Budget Image

Spending for the week 12/5 to 12/11

food:   69.65 - STARBUCKS CORP00007609 
food:   11.76 - KENNYWOOD/STRATWOOD 
food:   86.11 - GIANT-EAGLE #0004 
food: $167.52  Total 

dining:   21.39 - UNOCHICAGOGRILL#843  - 12/05
dining:   8.71 - WENDYS #2354 Q25 
dining:   8.33 - KENNYWOOD/STRATWOOD 
dining:   12.29 - KENNYWOOD/STRATWOOD 
dining:   21.35 - STARBUCKS CORP00079038 
dining:   31.62 - STARBUCKS CORP00079038 
dining:   22.87 - PANERA BREAD #3488 
dining: $160.77 Total

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Coming next week

I finally logged in to my credit card, and I’m looking forward to publishing data next week about my spending.

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Late Post week 7

I still don’t have my new crerdit card or online access… Hard to keep track…. Typically I I do my budgeting on Monday, to check the damage from the previous weekend…. Here is the spending I did track….

Aldi Nov 11, 2011, 18.92 in food
  0.99 Pumpkin   
  0.99 Pumpkin   
  -.-- Autumn Tableware   
  -.-- Autumn Tableware   
  -.-- Autumn Tableware   
  -.-- Autumn Tableware   
  -.-- Autumn Tableware   
  -.-- Autumn Tableware   
  -.-- Autumn Tableware   
  2.49 Pumpkin Pie Bars   
  -.-- Oven Glove   
  -.-- Oven Mitt   
  -.-- Baby Doll   
  4.49 Cashews   
  0.99 Pumpkin   
  2.99 Meat Sticks   
  2.99 Meat Sticks   
  2.99 Meat Sticks   
  -.-- Thomas Train Toy   
  -.-- Fisher Price Train Toy   

Sam's Nov 12, 2011, 78.86 in food
  4.88 Strawberries   
  -.-- Hybridlilies   
  6.98 String Cheese   
  8.98 Canadian Bacon   
  4.28 Sausage Links   
 18.98 Coffee   
 18.98 Coffee   
  -.-- Hand Cream   
  -.-- Benefiber   
 15.78 Walnuts   
  -.-- Health Aides   
  -.-- Cake   
  -.-- V-8 Juice   

Giant Eagle Nov 14, 2011, 8.81 in food
  -.-- DVD   
  -.-- Kleenex   
  -.-- Slow Cooker Liners   
  -.-- Slow Cooker Liners   
  -.-- Tape   
  3.39 Mac n Cheese   
  -.-- Containers   
  3.94 Milk   
  -.-- DVD   
  1.48 Bulk Candy   
  -.-- DVD   

Aldi Nov 13, 2011, 2.58 in food
  1.29 Beef Broth   
  1.29 Beef Broth

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