Menus for the week so far

The dinners for the week:

Starting with Sunday…. Steak with roasted vegetables and Nan bread warmed on the grill… I burnt 2 of the 4 pieces

Monday… Melissa made breaded chicken with quinoa

Tuesday… Melissa made Mexican dogs…. 2 nitrate free hot dogs, some guacamole with tomatoes in a wrap

Wednesday… We sorta used the free burrito coupon from MadMex, but they had trouble producing a bill, so we left paying just a $10 tip

Thursday… A whole day extravaganza…. A couple of pounds of grapes, the leftover chicken, then a Rotisserie chicken from Sam’s

Top receipt for the week:

I spend over $300 dollars at Sam’s for food, gifts for Melissa, household items, and items for Melissa’s Mom

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