This week’s checkin

We went for a walk tonight to Aldi after stopping at the library and Starbucks. I spent:
3.49 on 40 oz of peanut butter
9.99 on Cashews/Mixed Nuts
11.96 on meat sticks (4 for 2.99 a bag)

We spent the balance of the 41.31 total on stuff for a breakfast at Melissa’s school

Lunch was a really nice treat. My Supervisor took my team to lunch at a Thai Restaurant on Perry Highway. I had General Tso’s chicken and a small salad

Melissa made a nice chicken stew thing and threw together a tasty chick pea, bacon and avocado salad.

Totals for the week:

Food: 284.91
$ 25.44 10/6, Aldi
$ 141.40 9/30, Sam’s
$ 118.07 9/30, Giant Eagle

Eating Out: 97.65
$ 18.81 10/1, Eat N Park
$ 3.74 10/1, Wendy’s
$ 7.16 10/2, China Express
$ 38.39 10/3, Quaker State
$ 4.55 9/30, Lunch at Work
$ 25.00 10/1, Starbucks


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