Shopping and eating out this weekend

We got an early start on food shopping this weekend with a trip Sam’s and Melissa’s trip to Giant Eagle after Eliza went to bed.

I spend 4.55 for a fish salad at lunch
Sam’s – We bought Eliza a pizza special for 2.65
We spent 141.40 on food at Sam’s
and 118.07 at Giant Eagle

-I recharged the Starbucks card this evening with $25
-I had lunch with my son at Eat n’ Park and the bill came to 18.81 with a tip. I got the pear chicken salad and he had the turkey sandwich with the salad bar. It took 40 minutes to get our food after we sat down, and I was sure glad we got it to go… I just made it to my appointment on time.
– I spent 3.74 on a chicken nugget happy meal for Eliza’s dinner, and I cooked up some bacon and leftover rotisserie chicken for my dinner. Melissa ate at her colleague’s baby shower.


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